Gift of Jewelry from Elevated Health Center


Elevated Health Center hosted an event on December 1 where people came together to make hundreds of pieces of stunning jewelry.

They were so gracious to include our women as recipients of some of their beautiful creations.

Each woman was gifted with a bracelet, keychain, bookmark and necklace.

Thank you Elevated Health Center for your sweet blessing to our women!

A Graduate is Blessed with a Car


We could not be more grateful to Victory Auto Service & Glass for donating a car for a past resident of ours! 

The vehicle is a Toyota Corolla and is in great shape. The family who gave it to Victory is a family that Victory donated a vehicle to years ago. This family wanted to return the favor and bless someone with a car. Talk about a circle of blessing! 

Having a car will help this family get to work, school, the store, church, etc., so much easier. Our graduated resident was so excited about the car and couldn't stop smiling.

We are continually blessed by our partnership with Victory Auto and are so honored that they have a heart to come along side our women and our ministry.

Faith, Hope and Love: Reflections on 2017 from our Executive Director, Linda Wiza

This is a time of extreme thankfulness as we look back on 2017.

I am thankful for each of our supporters and partners, our dedicated staff and board, and each woman and child we come to know, love, and serve.

house helpers2.jpg

To each one I sincerely echo the words from Paul to the Thessalonian church: “We remember before our God and Father
• your work prompted by faith,
• your labor prompted by love, and
• your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” - 1 Thessalonians 1:3

First of all, we remember and are thankful before our God and Father, the Provider of all abundance and mercy, for His hand on this ministry. Through Him, we see the fruits of faith, love, and hope.

By faith we stepped out to purchase another duplex and the Lord provided not only the funding, but is now providing much of the labor and materials through so many partners and volunteers. It’s amazing to see His body at work (your labor prompted by love) to bring forth safe homes for 14 new women and children who will soon be under our roof and in our care.

By faith we stepped out to create a unique program for women during their first 30 days with us. This program provides a better onboarding experience and allows us to share the knowledge and hope of the gospel and the dynamics of domestic abuse in a more focused manner.

Your labor prompted by love is evident is so many ways! Individuals along with church, business, and civic groups are providing basic needs for shared use in our homes. Volunteers are helping with a variety of needs: from childcare and tutoring for children and life skills classes for women, to lawn care, snow removal, and maintenance for our homes.

The women and children who have endured such trauma and hardship are now finding another type of life with endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. They are able to heal through His strength and power and to dream again about a future free from abuse. We saw many families move on to homes of their own and a new path for their lives in 2017, and believe this is God’s intent for more families in 2018.

We now pray that as you share this work with us your faith will continue to grow!

We pray you know how the love you have shown to others is producing fruit.

We pray your enduring kindness to this ministry now, and into the future, will inspire hope in our Lord Jesus Christ and the full life He has for all!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him!

Linda Wiza
Executive Director

Give Her Dignity, Give Her a Gift Card

During the holiday season and beyond, we truly appreciate the giving hearts of people who think of our women and children and extend their giving in ways that make the holiday season meaningful and special for our families.

Consistent with our purpose to break the generational cycle of abuse by creating safety and empowering women through the love of Jesus Christ, it is very important for us to fill the holiday season with thanksgiving and praise as we thank God for the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We appreciate your help as you consider gift giving to The Dwelling Place! Giving gift cards enables us to empower our women in need of that “extra help” to purchase clothing, food, and gifts for their children. We know there is really nothing that provides joy to a parent more than providing good gifts for their children. When you provide a gift card, you equip a woman with the dignity and opportunity that helps her attend to the needs of her family.

We recommend gift cards from Walmart, Target, Cub or Aldi because they provide access to food, clothing, toys, and gift items that meet the needs of families in a more economical way. They are also geographically accessible.

Gift cards may be collected at a church, gathered by a small group, or contributed individually.

Please send to:
The Dwelling Place
940 – 44th Ave. NE, Unit #21307
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
or call 651-221-0405 to coordinate pick-up.

Thank you in advance for serving our women and children!

Ladies Rock Offroad Club Bless our Women and Children


Many thanks to Ladies Rock Offroad Club (LROC), an organization for ladies who love Jeeps and off road adventures, for including The Dwelling Place in your holiday gathering and gifting! Your support means so much!

This group gathered over 500 needed household items through their basic needs drive and contributed $245 in cash to help our women and children.

LROC is new to The Dwelling Place. Our families are lifted and encouraged by their caring hearts.

Thank you so much for your support, ladies!

MOMS Club of Woodbury

MOMS Club of Woodbury

Special thanks to MOMS Club of Woodbury who gathered items needed for The Dwelling Place and presented them to Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves, at Woodbury Community Church.

Their kindness and generosity to the women and children of The Dwelling Place is an amazing blessing! Thank you, Mom's Club of Woodbury!

Welcome to Our New Board Members

new board members.jpg

Roy Anderson, Board Chairperson (far left) and Linda Wiza, Executive Director (far right) welcome Paul Leverentz and Tara Meyers as newly appointed board members for The Dwelling Place.

Paul and Tara are strong supporters of The Dwelling Place ministry and have shared their gifts and talents in multiple ways as volunteers!

Please join us in welcoming our new board members!