North Presbyterian Church Blesses Us Richly

North Presbyterian Church

We are so grateful for this wonderful team from North Presbyterian Church in North St. Paul, who worked at our new house! 

What an amazing transformation they made through significant yard work, cleaning walls and carpets, and installing shelves. 

The wonderful spirit of their team was a rich blessing and it was great to meet each person and learn more about North Church and the ways they share Christ's love in the community! We know that service given through Christ's love is a sweet gift -- and they gave it so well. 

Undoubtedly, the hot and humid weather factor was a challenge -- but it did not deter this group from tackling big projects!

We are so honored for the partnership with North Church and look forward to joining together in the future!

Small Group Shares the Love of Christ!

Gina and Dylan and their small group. More pics

Gina and Dylan and their small group. More pics

It was time for painting and window washing!

One of our strong advocates and volunteers, Gina Sansom, coordinated the small group she and her husband Dylan belong to, to help.

They share life with one another, and encourage each other to reach out to make a difference, as they share the love of Christ!

In one evening they brought about a beautiful transformation by washing windows, taping and painting walls and preparing rooms for use.

Before leaving, they prayed for the home and for the peace of Christ to dwell throughout it, for the safety and blessing of women and children who will live there.

Many thanks!

Does your group want to pitch in? Contact us at to volunteer. Thank you!

Renovation Volunteers Needed!

Calling all renovation-handy volunteers!

Volunteers from 2014 renovations. More 2014 reno photos

We are scheduling work projects for August, September, October (and possibly beyond) to prepare new spaces for our women and children to grow, heal, and live in the loving support of The Dwelling Place.

Many volunteers will be needed for various tasks. Please sign up and let us know how you are interested in getting involved.

You will receive information updates regarding work dates, types of projects, and specific needs.

We thank God for you in advance!

Key Gala Volunteer Coordinator

Calley Fischer

Welcome to Gala Volunteer Coordinator, Calley Fischer, who assists Gala volunteers with placement, communication, and support!

We thank God for Calley! 

We currently need help decorating, greeting guests, administering the silent auction, helping with behind the scenes tasks, and more.

For a description and timing of each volunteer position, please go to our Gala Volunteer Registration Site at the link below.

We couldn't put on an event like this without volunteers like you! Thanks for considering volunteering with us!

You truly make the Gala a wonderful time of celebration for all!

She got in!

Northwestern St Paul

Exciting news!

Congratulations to one of our residents who has been accepted into the University of Northwestern - St. Paul!

Her reaction was priceless.

We gave the parcel to her just like it was a piece of everyday mail. She took it, looked at it sort of confused about what it was (since it was a small box) and said,

"You got got in....I GOT IN! I GOT IN!"

Five Oaks extending the love of Jesus

Five Oaks

We are SO pleased to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Five Oaks Church Children's Ministry (and leaders Cindy and Heather)! 

A special thank you to the children who recently attended their summer Vacation Bible School and worked so hard to raise money (on their own time...doing chores, etc) for our women and kids.

The Five Oaks children donated fourteen $75 gifts cards that will go to our moms and kids to purchase much needed items from Walmart!

What big hearts these kids have and what a difference they are making in people's lives at such a young age!

Fun at Chick-fil-A with our Kids, Volunteers, and Staff

The Dwelling Place celebrated "Cow Appreciation Day" at Chick-fil-A!

On July 11th, the restaurant celebrated all-things-chicken by giving away one free entree to any customer dressed in cow-inspired attire, and visited before 7pm.

Our Executive Director, Linda Wiza, and volunteer, Paul Leverentz, took part in the fun as well as other staff, volunteers, and our kiddos!

Our children were even given little stuffed cows and stickers to decorate themselves with!

More photos

Wonderful News! from Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

God is always leading us in life-giving ways!  I have very exciting news to share with you!  

I am so grateful for how He prepared the way in the past four months for this ministry to move in a new direction for ministry expansion.

This spring we pursued an opportunity to provide more housing in one location that enables a more effective use of staff and resources.

Through the incredible generosity of several key supporters, we were able to purchase another duplex close to our current two duplexes. 

By shifting our focus to one main location we are now able to become stronger and provide for the various needs of the women and children in new ways. 

Renovations will begin on this duplex in late summer, so we can move families in early next year.  

We will need volunteers to make this happen on time and on budget.

Please click here to volunteer. Thank you!