What Is It that You Give? by Director of Programs, Kristen Nelson

Director of Programs, Kristen Nelson

When we receive your gifts at The Dwelling Place, the women and children in our ministry are given God’s love.

They open these “gifts” brought from you and through you and their lives are blessed.

When you give household goods, each one is given proof that God is caring for their basic needs. 

When you give donations of money that allow our staff to be here and surround these families with care, Biblical guidance, and unconditional love, they are assured that God has not abandoned them.

When you show up, when you raise money, when you clear the snow and mow the lawn, our women and children come to believe that God does care for them in all the ways that they need.

You give the gift of security and hope when you give to The Dwelling Place.

When a mother who is coming out of trauma realizes that we have people here to help and resources for her and her family, she gets to feel safe again.

For some of our women and children your gifts allow them to feel safe for the first time.

You are a channel of God’s love and hope.

And in His abundance, God promised to fill you as you send this love to others in this season.

Dear Friend in Christ, thank you for passing on the gift of God’s love!

Thank you for allowing God’s children, the women and children at The Dwelling Place, to know of your God, our God, Who never leaves us, always loves us, and makes a way of miracles to restore us all.

May the blessing of giving warm your heart in this season of Christ’s coming as we seek this One, the Gift of God, Who came to bless us all with peace.