A Monumental Moment

Recently baptized resident, Amanda, with her sweet baby. 

A few years before coming to us, one of our women accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 

Although a new creation, the trauma from years of abuse and hardship haunted her, and a lack of Godly guidance kept her from knowing how much Jesus loved her and desired to heal her. 

Through the love and support she's experienced at The Dwelling Place and at the church she's been attending, Eagle Brook Church-Spring Lake Park, God has blessed her with incredible growth and healing! 

To proclaim that she no longer lives for herself, but for Jesus Christ, she was baptized in January at her church, Eagle Brook. 

Today, she says she feels more free than ever before! Thank you for your prayers and support, friends. Moments like this only happen because of God's mercy and people like you. Thank you!