Give Her Dignity, Give Her a Gift Card

During the holiday season and beyond, we truly appreciate the giving hearts of people who think of our women and children and extend their giving in ways that make the holiday season meaningful and special for our families.

Consistent with our purpose to break the generational cycle of abuse by creating safety and empowering women through the love of Jesus Christ, it is very important for us to fill the holiday season with thanksgiving and praise as we thank God for the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We appreciate your help as you consider gift giving to The Dwelling Place! Giving gift cards enables us to empower our women in need of that “extra help” to purchase clothing, food, and gifts for their children. We know there is really nothing that provides joy to a parent more than providing good gifts for their children. When you provide a gift card, you equip a woman with the dignity and opportunity that helps her attend to the needs of her family.

We recommend gift cards from Walmart, Target, Cub or Aldi because they provide access to food, clothing, toys, and gift items that meet the needs of families in a more economical way. They are also geographically accessible.

Gift cards may be collected at a church, gathered by a small group, or contributed individually.

Please send to:
The Dwelling Place
940 – 44th Ave. NE, Unit #21307
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
or call 651-221-0405 to coordinate pick-up.

Thank you in advance for serving our women and children!