Thoughts from Linda

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

"Honestly, I didn't know the word of God could change me like it has during my time here."  - a woman currently residing at The Dwelling Place

This statement was shared at staff meeting this week by a Case Manager. A message like this encourages our hearts and I hope it will encourage yours as well.  It bears witness to the love and power of God that works through His Word. It creates a sense of awe and wonder.  

How does He do it?  

Sometimes we wonder if anything is happening at all, if the little things, the daily tasks, really matter in the big picture, THEN God provides a glimpse, an assurance, that it DOES MATTER and He is "working all things together" just as Romans 8:28 promises.  

It is the Word of God and Love of Christ that transforms lives.  

Yes, it all matters as God takes our daily work and blesses it with His transforming power. It is this transforming power that we see at work enabling women who were once hopeless to take steps to obtain their GED, or apply for college, or obtain their drivers license, or take their child to therapy, or have the courage to face their abuser in a child custody hearing, or seek the credentials to work again in their field.  Each step taken is a step closer to a life of freedom in Christ and freedom from abuse.

Your prayers for our women and children, and those who walk this road of healing with them everyday matter to us!  

Your love expressed by the sharing of  time,  talents, and  financial treasure matter as God uses each gift to transform us all!

Soon, we will welcome more women and children into The Dwelling Place at "Esther's Place," our newest home.  As God provides everything needed to prepare this new home, we are confident that His heart's intent is to rescue and save more women and children who need help and a safe place to call home.  

I am so very grateful for everything God is doing, for each of you, and I am blessed beyond measure to be here to witness it.

Linda Wiza
Executive Director