The Gift of a Home and an Opportunity to Give


Every woman and family who comes to live in our homes longs for that day when she is ready and able to move to a home where she (and her children) will begin their new life, free of abuse.  We see the process of preparation each woman goes through to ready herself (and her children) to move into their own home when the time is right.

Two families, each with small children, successfully moved to safe homes in November. They were ready to make this transition and we are so very happy for them! 

We pray for our families and thank God for the transformation that comes through Christ's love and caring provision and preparation over the course of time. We praise God for His faithful and steadfast love for these families as they will experience Christmas with peace and love in their new homes. 

Thank you for being an important part of these stories of successful transition because God used your prayers and care in beautiful ways!  

What a lovely gift to receive: A safe and peaceful home!

Year-End Giving, Will You Help?

In November we shared that we needed $200,000 to finish the year well.

Thanks to many of you, our need is now $133, 000.

We completely trust God to provide the remaining funds enabling us to move into 2019 ready to serve a growing number of families.

We appreciate your prayerful consideration of giving to help us reach this goal.

Give Here

Thank you!