News from Linda

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Growth is a funny thing. We desire it. We talk about it. We even pray and plan for it.  

Then, when we see growth happening we are often surprised!

As we see over and over, it always goes better when we trust God, and it is faith-building to see His wonderful provisions so lovingly given!

Over the past months we shared discoveries and indicators of healing in the women and children we serve. Truly, it is somewhat difficult to describe because we don't always see what God is doing in the course of daily routines, bible studies and prayer time, conversations shared and, perhaps especially, in the spaces that come in the evenings as peace and safety profoundly allow for uninterrupted sleep and the replenishment of body, mind, and spirit. Growth comes as God works in hearts.

On the facilities side of growth, God is successfully moving us toward completion of our newest home, Esther's Place. The Lord has revealed one wonderful surprise after another as He has brought dedicated volunteers and generous contributions of building materials. This structure will soon be a safe place to call home for women and children who desperately need a place to live in peace and gain all that is needed to live lives that are free from abuse.  

What we have not shared is how growth in the homes has impacted the space we use for daily business. 

Since August our business offices have occupied two bedrooms in the house being renovated. We have known that office space was taking up space where women and children could be living. For several months we considered different options for office space away from the homes. We prayed, watched and waited.

Well, our God goes before us in surprising ways! Late in December He led us to the perfect place to relocate our business offices. In addition, it provides better space to train, equip, and engage volunteers. It also allows for a place for people to drop off donations of tangible items without compromising the location confidentiality of our homes. 

We are thrilled!  

God is growing The Dwelling Place ministry to fulfill its mission in beautiful ways and we praise Him for His loving care and goodness!

I trust you will also see God's wonderful surprises as He lovingly produces growth in your life!

Linda Wiza
Executive Director