Your Gifts of Love Always Make a Difference!


This month you can express your love and caring support with a Gift of the Heart!

Through your kindness, God provides everything needed for life and godliness.

Sandy's Place and Ruth's Place are currently at capacity. Since 2015, these homes have been places of safety and care for women and children.

Your Gift of the Heart shares Christ's love through safety, support, and empowering care for each woman and child dwelling here.

Soon we will add a new home: Esther's Place! (Scheduled to open in March 2018)

Esther's Place is being prepared through the work of volunteers and the generosity of many providing their time, building supplies, labor, and talent to renovate this home for ministry.

It is nearly time to equip the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room, living areas, and bedrooms to be ready for women and children.

Your Gift of the Heart for the completion of Esther's Place is needed, appreciated and welcomed this month to add the "finishing touches" to this home!

God's faithfulness provides everything needed in just the right time! We appreciate your loving support and faithful prayers.

We continuously thank God for providing His love and care through people like you!

You can donate online here:

Or mail your Gift of the Heart to:
The Dwelling Place
940 - 44th Ave. NE, Unit #21307
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Thank you!