All Things New: Lydia's Story

Lydia's baptism at Eagle Brook Church

Lydia's baptism at Eagle Brook Church

"I met my abuser and he moved in to my apartment. For six months this man abused me mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.  I was basically held hostage, he would not let me out of his sight.  Not only did he cut me off from everyone, he held my ID and debit/credit cards, my cell phone and tablet.  

He had no money the entire time we were together so I was forced to withdraw my 401K to live on. 

He forced us to move to Colorado.  After being there three weeks  an opportunity presented itself for me to get away from him.  This was all of God.  I ran from him and called the police and with the help of the police I got away.  My sister helped me find The Dwelling Place, and I moved in on Oct. 30th.

I love walking and started downloading sermons to listen to as I walked. With these, I began really self-reflecting and realizing the part I played in getting to where I was.

As Pastor Andy Stanley says, “You can’t pray your way out a mess that you behaved your way into…you can follow your way out through Jesus though!” 

I always knew that pre-marital sex was wrong, but I didn’t really know that it was WRONG!  Wow, my sin goes back really far and long. But the beautiful thing is that with Jesus dying for my sin, the second I repented and asked for forgiveness it was wiped away. As Pastor Jason Strand says, “My starting line just moved to right now, and it’s about finishing the race well!” Heaven is my ultimate reward!  

 Believe me He has provided me with all that I need.  

I feel like I’m still me - just a better version."  

Lydia was recently baptized at Eagle Brook and is finding ways to become involved through service in the local church.