A Note from Linda...

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Throughout this year we have experienced the pleasure of seeing many volunteers work to renovate Esther’s Place, our newest home (which opened in May) where we are able to support up to 14 women and children. 

We have watched women and children grow in their knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, heal from the trauma of abuse, and prepare for their new lives, free from abuse. 

With the additional families we have many more toddlers as well as a baby on the way. It is so heart-warming to see these little lives and know that they have a much better future. 

The Lord is changing their story right before our eyes!  

I know you don’t get to see and experience this first hand so I want to help you know the significant impact your support is really making. Here are just a few recent quotes from our residents:

  • "The program helped me a lot to heal and understand and believe in God's way to handle the struggles and battles we fight in this life.”

  • "My faith has been renewed and strengthened, my healing has continued and I have the joy back in my life that has been missing for so long.”

  • "I can't thank you enough for standing by me in my deepest need when I had to leave my home and my babies were so sick. Now I see how the Lord has provided for my apartment and income!  I feel so blessed."

  • “Here at The Dwelling Place, you just give so much hope. I can see a future now and the things I prayed to God for coming true.”

If you'd like to join in helping other women be free from abuse and heal from trauma, please check out our How You Can Help page.