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We are SO pleased to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Five Oaks Church Children's Ministry (and leaders Cindy and Heather)! 

A special thank you to the children who recently attended their summer Vacation Bible School and worked so hard to raise money (on their own time...doing chores, etc) for our women and kids.

The Five Oaks children donated fourteen $75 gifts cards that will go to our moms and kids to purchase much needed items from Walmart!

What big hearts these kids have and what a difference they are making in people's lives at such a young age!

A Basement Makeover for Our Kids

A great group of volunteers from Five Oaks Church. 

A great group of volunteers from Five Oaks Church. 

Volunteers from Five Oaks Church (Woodbury) came Sunday, February 12, to overhaul our basement space for our kids.

They were amazing, and after four hours (times 12 people) of hard work, check out the fantastic transformation they brought to the space! 

God sure blessed us through them! Now the space is useful for the children and, as you can see, is improved in many ways!  Thank you Five Oaks!