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Berean Baptists MOPS Supporting Our Women

Many thanks to the Berean Baptist MOPS group for their support of The Dwelling Place!

Pictured is Emily Harper, MOPS Leader, Monica Groves, and Holly Overcashier (supporter and friend of The Dwelling Place and MOPS member at Berean).

Monica Groves, our Mission Advancement Director, joined them Tuesday, October 30th, to share information and answer questions as their morning speaker.

If you have a group who wants to learn about The Dwelling Place, please contact Monica at

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Our 20th Anniversary Gala Was a Night of Celebration and Impact!

Thank you for making an impact at our 20th Anniversary Celebration Gala!

Silent Auction Kicked the Night Off.  More Gala Photos

Silent Auction Kicked the Night Off. More Gala Photos

2018 Gala Highlights:

  • Over 700 guests at the lovely Earle Brown Heritage Center Carriage Hall Gala Photos

  • The Walk of Impact: Photos Here

  • An amazing Silent Auction yielding over $38,000 toward our Gala goal of raising $350,000.

  • Inspiring Program led by Joe Meyers, Emcee with messages from Roy Anderson (Board Chair) and ministry updates from Linda Wiza (Executive Director).

  • Life stories from women at The Dwelling Place sharing the impact of abuse and the gifts of time, healing and hope they have gained through their stay at The Dwelling Place.

  • The Starfish Story -- Making a difference for one person at a time!

  • Volunteer of the Year Award going to Renovation Project Manager, Steve Chell. Photo

  • Generous support received through Gala contributions, helping us move significantly toward our financial goal of $350,000.

  • Worship and praise through the music and leadership of Emily Alexander and Eagle Brook Music.

  • Overall - a wonderful evening dedicated to the glory of God!

Our $350,000 gala goal is the amount of funds needed to operate and staff our four homes and serve our increasing number of families (in 2019 we’ll grow to a capacity of 52 women and children).

This goal provides the necessary funds for completing this year and entering 2019 able to serve in life-giving ways to help families move forward, free from abuse.

As of October 11, we have raised $272,000! Our current balance needed is $78,000.

We welcome your support offered as a one time gift, a recurring gift, a pledge, or legacy gift. We are so grateful for your generous help!

Your "Post Gala" gift can be used to meet this goal with the designation of "2018 Gala."

You can Donate Here

A final report will be provided to those on our mailing list later in November!

Thank you to all who attended our Gala, and to all of you for your prayers, and your support!

With joy,

Monica Groves
Gala Coordinator

The Shoe Bus Came for a Visit...

Schuler Shoes and Good in the Hood.jpg

Thanks to John Schuler and the Good in the 'Hood Shoe Bus for visiting us so that our women could pick out shoes for themselves and their children!

Schuler Shoes, owned by John Schuler (pictured center), not only donated many of the shoes on the bus, John even helped fit our residents for shoes!

Thank you also to the donor who paid for the bus to come. The bus fee helps the Good in the ‘Hood program, Shoe Away Hunger.

More pics

South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church Visit

South Shore Trinity.jpg

ON Sunday, August 19th, Monica Groves, our Mission Advancement Director, shared the mission and impact of The Dwelling Place at South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake.

The Dwelling Place was invited to participate in their 75th Anniversary year celebration as one of the organizations supported through the church.

South Shore Trinity supports the mission ministry of The Dwelling Place through it's Trinity Guild.

We are so grateful for the support and encouragement provided by the local church, and we celebrate God's faithfulness to and through this congregation for 75 years! May God be honored and praised in every way as He continues to lead and guide!

Basic Needs Donated by 8th Graders

Monica Groves with Linda Blesener

Monica Groves with Linda Blesener

Many thanks to Linda Blesener and her Bible Class at Maranatha Christian Academy for hosting Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves, at their class earlier this spring.

Recently, Linda came to our office with a load of donations. These basic needs supplies were collected by 28 young men in the 8th grade and their families to help the families at The Dwelling Place. Linda also brought a packet of thank you notes written by them!

What a wonderful group of young men!

Would you like The Dwelling Place to visit your school, church, or group to provide information and answer questions about domestic abuse and how we're able to make a difference?

Please contact us!

MOMS Club of Woodbury

MOMS Club of Woodbury

Special thanks to MOMS Club of Woodbury who gathered items needed for The Dwelling Place and presented them to Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves, at Woodbury Community Church.

Their kindness and generosity to the women and children of The Dwelling Place is an amazing blessing! Thank you, Mom's Club of Woodbury!

Sharing the Mission at Roseville Lutheran Church, by Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves

Monica Groves, Mission Advancement Director

What a blessing to be with brothers and sisters in Christ at Roseville Lutheran Church on Sunday, January 15! 

I had the privilege of participating in morning worship and then shared information about The Dwelling Place with a group attentive to missions and outreach opportunities.

Thanks to Mary Schultz, Pastor Lauren and Pastor Sarah for their welcome and support! 

We are blessed by the steadfast and caring support of the Roseville Lutheran Church community!

A take away from the morning message

During the message, based on Luke 4:14-30, (Jesus returned to His hometown and was so rejected that His life was threatened) I realized that Jesus understands the reality and pain of domestic abuse.

Like many of those we serve, He was rejected and threatened with harm by those who should have supported Him: His own people. 

Our Lord Jesus understands and cares for the wounded and rejected because He knows how they feel, and only He is able to heal wounds of the heart from the inside out.  Praise HIm! 

Meeting Substance Moms

Substance moms were delightful! More photos

Monica Groves, our mission advancement director, spent Wednesday morning January 18th, with a great gathering of moms, babies, and little ones, at Substance Church - North Campus.

We are blessed by Substance and the desire of Substance Moms to become more connected with The Dwelling Place ministry this year through a variety of ways (volunteering, basic needs, fundraising).

It was delightful and encouraging to see the support and connection the moms provide for one another and their desire to find ways to help others in the community, and to develop hearts that are attentive to the needs of others.

Thank you, Sarah, Jonna, Kirsten, Jocelyn and so many more, for your wonderful welcome! We were blessed to be with you!

To learn more about Substance Moms:

Christmas with the Children by Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves

Christmas tree at one of our homes

Sharing Christmas with the children at The Dwelling Place brings some memorable moments for me. 

Recently I was with the children during their Confident Kids time. One of our young girls asked if I wanted to see her Christmas tree. She took me to the rooms she shares with her mother and sister to see a tree decorated with red and white ornaments and a star on top. A few presents sat below. She touched her favorite ornaments and told me how much she loved the lights. I thanked God for bringing her family to us and for the delight she could have this year with her Christmas tree.

December 14 was The Dwelling Place Christmas Party with all of our women, children, staff and guests at a local church. Our program team worked very hard and made it a special time for everyone, complete with activities and games for the children and adults. One activity was to answer Bible Trivia questions while enjoying our potluck dinner. 

Kristen Nelson, our director of programs, and I were sharing the meal with some of the moms and boys. Kristen asked, "What were the gifts the wise men brought to the baby Jesus?" One of the boys spoke up right away, with a sincere confidence on his face that told us he knew the answer to this question! He responded, "They brought clothes for the baby, food for the baby, and diapers!" He was not trying to be clever or cute about it. This is a personal reality he has because he knows the gifts provided for his little sister.

Honestly, when the real answer was shared as being "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" his bewildered expression revealed that gifts like that made no sense to him at all! The significance of the biblical message was harder for him to grasp than the practical reality that he knows so very well. It was clear that, in his opinion, the Wise Men were not very smart when it came to babies and their needs!  

Every day I witness how our families receive more than a safe place to call home or put up a Christmas tree.

Monica Groves

At The Dwelling Place every woman and child is offered the gift of Christ's love (shared in various ways with staff and each other) so that each one might personally receive His love for them, know Him through His Word, and discover His abiding presence as Emmanuel, "God with us!" I have seen how our ministry partners and supporters share in this hope and prayer for each woman and child as it becomes a reality. 

In each of these ways (and so many more) I find new gifts that God has given to me this year by opening the door of The Dwelling Place as a place of ministry and service. 

May you experience the amazing blessings of His love and joy at Christmas and in the new year ahead! 

Monica Groves
Mission Advancement Director

Program Committee

A program committee meeting pausing to pose for you. Bless you for your love and labor that lifts our women and children, ladies!

Program committee 4.3.16.JPG

L to R: Chris Chell, Board Member and Committee Chair; Jean Ebensperger, Case Manager; Julia Dembeck, Graduate Program Manager; Julie Sexson, Children's Program Manager; Monica Groves, Mission Advancement Director.

Not pictured: Kristen Nelson, Director of Programs; Becky Zvonar, Case Manager; Bev Holm, Volunteer; a current resident.