Medtronic, Pepsico, and a New Mower

Our supporters make all the difference for our women and children. 

Thanks to one of our friends who recently donated a brand new mower! Because of you, our yards are finding lots of little feet running through them.

Thank you also to our friends at Medtronic and PepsiCo. for blessing our women and children with recent "basic needs drive" donations!

What's a basic needs drive, and what are the needs? Current Basic Needs List

Always needed at The Dwelling Place:
13 gallon trash bags
Paper towels
Diapers: Size 5, 6 or XL. Size 6 overnight Pull Ups (no size 3 and under, please)
Liquid hand soap
Laundry soap (fragrance-free, if possible)

To help provide the basics, so dollars and time can be spent bringing healing, contact Thank you!