Roseville Lutheran Church

Sharing the Mission at Roseville Lutheran Church, by Mission Advancement Director, Monica Groves

Monica Groves, Mission Advancement Director

What a blessing to be with brothers and sisters in Christ at Roseville Lutheran Church on Sunday, January 15! 

I had the privilege of participating in morning worship and then shared information about The Dwelling Place with a group attentive to missions and outreach opportunities.

Thanks to Mary Schultz, Pastor Lauren and Pastor Sarah for their welcome and support! 

We are blessed by the steadfast and caring support of the Roseville Lutheran Church community!

A take away from the morning message

During the message, based on Luke 4:14-30, (Jesus returned to His hometown and was so rejected that His life was threatened) I realized that Jesus understands the reality and pain of domestic abuse.

Like many of those we serve, He was rejected and threatened with harm by those who should have supported Him: His own people. 

Our Lord Jesus understands and cares for the wounded and rejected because He knows how they feel, and only He is able to heal wounds of the heart from the inside out.  Praise HIm!