The Dwelling Place Kid's Corner

Healing for our children...

A chalkboard table made by TDP board member, Tom Swanner. Thank you, Tom!

A chalkboard table made by TDP board member, Tom Swanner. Thank you, Tom!

On a chalkboard table top, a 12-year-old drew these beautiful  blooming flowers and wrote inside the petals, "happiness and love." 

Considering she had been with us only one week, this was remarkable progress.

Kids Korner

Chalkboard tables are part of our newest addition, Kids Korner. Along with Confident Kids curriculum, Kids Korner provides our children the tools they need to play, grow, and heal.

As God guides and provides, we will continue to add Kids Korner elements designed to further God's healing in each little life He brings us.

Calming Corner

We have also added a space that helps children, with learning and behavioral difficulties, learn how to manage their emotions in difficult moments.

"Calming Corner"  is located in a quiet and secluded area of the home. 

Thanks to all of you who volunteer with our kids, or have contributed to to our children's programming and new Kids Korner! Our children are healing because of God's love through you...

New Kids' Korner Needs Your Help


We're creating a designated space at our north metro location where our kids can work on their homework, receive tutoring, read, use our Leapfrogs and iPads, etc. 

We need these items to make the space possible. Can you help?

  • Bean bag chairs (3)
  • Kid sized desks and chairs
  • Fun rug, 8 x 10 or larger
  • Large bulletin board
  • Easel
  • Shelving

If you'd like to donate, please email or call 651-776-4805.

Thank you and bless you! You're making a difference in the lives of our precious children!