The Dwelling Place expansion

Christmas Came Early at Lydia's Place

Christmas came early at Lydia's Place, our fourth shelter, thanks to Parsons Electric and Collins Electric

On November 16th, about 10 electricians donated time and resources to wire our fourth home for women and children fleeing abuse. 

What a HUGE gift from some very big hearts. Thanks gentlemen! 

Click on pic below to advance the photos in the gallery.

Other work that week included framing, stairwell removed and a new stairwell installed, door installed, more plumbing  and a tub installed (thanks Mark Deiman!), siding and soffit work. The usual crew kept doing the next thing. Thanks to Jerry Broeker, Tom Swanner, and the Novak brothers.

A new addition to our regular crew is Paul Post (pictured). Welcome Paul! 

Whew! Busy, busy week! Amazing how much work got done considering Project Manager, Steve Chell, kept gazing out the window with visions of sugar plums in his head...;-)

IMG_1475 1.jpg

Shout out to JR and Anne Reineck for feeding the electricians! You peeps make all the difference at The Dwelling Place - Thank You! 

We’re praying that in early 2019 all will be in place to make home for waiting women and children.

If you want to work, donate food, or materials, please do! Just contact Monica at

We're celebrating God's faithfulness this Thanksgiving through you!

Our women thank you for your prayers, support and practical help.

Our 4th Home Needs You!

3rd Home helpers.jpg

We believe there is always a "next thing" in the work God provides that is both meaningful and rewarding!

Renovation work on Lydia's Place (our 4th house) will occur during the summer. Please use our volunteer link and identify "renovation" if you wish to be contacted with opportunities to serve. There will be opportunities for groups and individuals who are specific skills in construction and who have no previous experience but are willing to help.

Sign up here:…

Giving Praise to the Lord!

The Dwelling Place Board Members with Executive Director, Linda Wiza (center). 

The Dwelling Place Board Members with Executive Director, Linda Wiza (center). 

We believe in the power of prayer!

Please join us in praising God and trusting Him for:

Each home (Sandy's, Ruth's and Esther's) to be filled with Christ's love and the Holy Spirit to be places of transformation, safety, healing, peace and joy.

Each precious woman and child living in Sandy's Place, Ruth's Place and Esther's Place and trusting God as He attends to each and every need with His wisdom, strength, and love.

Each case manager (Kassie, Grace, Karla, Cindy, and Jessica) sharing Christ's love daily with women and children as they attend to various needs, provide leadership, input and support, care for children, and engage with volunteers.

The success of our May Matching Gift: Blessing Esther's Place. We praise God for each and every supporter! Through the generosity of so many we matched 95% of the matching gift of $35,000, providing a total of $66,500 for Esther's Place. This equates to 3 months of support for four families (mother and two children) who live at Esther's Place. Esther's Place provides space for 4-6 families (up to 14 people.) 

The Dwelling Place Leadership as they guide and guard The Dwelling Place with faithfulness and dedication to God.

Lydia's Place, our 4th home and 2018 summer renovation project. We trust God to provide volunteers to assist once again with the preparation of this home. 

Every Ministry Partner God provides to share in accomplishing this good work. We are so grateful for each one!

Esther's Place Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Recently, Executive Director, Linda Wiza, expressed our appreciation to Esther's Place volunteers at our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. Their time, talent, and provisions are offering safety and healing to many women and their children! Glory to God for each one of you amazing volunteers! 

Linda told many stories of God's care and provision throughout the renovation. Our God makes all things possible, and shows up in ways we cannot deny. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for orchestrating every detail, for the sake of our women and children!

Many thanks to Calvin Christian High School for partnering with us for this event.

Berean Baptist Bearing Gifts for Esther's Place

Berean Baptist.jpg

Thank you to Roxanne Martin and her Bible study group from Berean Baptist in Burnsville.

These wonderful women donated house-warming gifts for Esther's Place through our So Kind Registry! 

Thank you, ladies, for caring so much about our women and children, and for welcoming Monica Groves, Mission Advancement Director, into your group for a wonderful evening!

We are blessed by your kindness!

Donate Now for the Blessing of a Strong Financial Foundation!

A Kitchen at Esther's Place  More pics

A Kitchen at Esther's Place More pics

Esther’s Place officially opened its doors to welcome women and children (4-6 families) on May 7, 2018! Please join us in praising God for making it all come together. He is SO good! 

We have been given a gift of matching funds ($35,000) by generous friends of The Dwelling Place to create a strong financial foundation for Esther’s Place.

This match doubles each gift (dollar for dollar) in order to establish a strong financial foundation of $70,000 as we open Esther's Place to new families.

One of Esther's Place bedrooms, ready for a family in need  More pics

One of Esther's Place bedrooms, ready for a family in need More pics

By May 1, $12,000 had been given in support of Esther's Place. Paired with matching gift funds, this becomes $24,000.

We have been given the month of May (a great month to honor and remember the importance of mothers and children) to raise
the remaining $23,000. With your help, we believe we can reach this goal by May 31.

We welcome your support and are grateful!

For online giving:

Please contact us with questions: or 651-221-0405

Heaven on Earth Indeed!

Pastor Steve Whicker presenting $150,000 to Executive Director, Linda Wiza. Duplex Project Manager, Steve Chell, was also present. 

Pastor Steve Whicker presenting $150,000 to Executive Director, Linda Wiza. Duplex Project Manager, Steve Chell, was also present. 

Eagle Brook Church blessed The Dwelling Place with $150,000 towards the purchase and renovation of our 4th duplex, from their “Heaven on Earth” campaign!!!

The Dwelling Place is one of the local impact ministry partners of Eagle Brook Church. We partner with the Spring Lake Park campus. 

This picture shows Campus Pastor Steve Whicker presenting the check to Executive Director, Linda Wiza, during the service this past weekend. Steve Chell, our volunteer renovation Project Manager, was also present. 

There are not enough words to say thank you! Please join us in praising God as He blessed us through this generous church.

News from Linda

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Executive Director, Linda Wiza

Growth is a funny thing. We desire it. We talk about it. We even pray and plan for it.  

Then, when we see growth happening we are often surprised!

As we see over and over, it always goes better when we trust God, and it is faith-building to see His wonderful provisions so lovingly given!

Over the past months we shared discoveries and indicators of healing in the women and children we serve. Truly, it is somewhat difficult to describe because we don't always see what God is doing in the course of daily routines, bible studies and prayer time, conversations shared and, perhaps especially, in the spaces that come in the evenings as peace and safety profoundly allow for uninterrupted sleep and the replenishment of body, mind, and spirit. Growth comes as God works in hearts.

On the facilities side of growth, God is successfully moving us toward completion of our newest home, Esther's Place. The Lord has revealed one wonderful surprise after another as He has brought dedicated volunteers and generous contributions of building materials. This structure will soon be a safe place to call home for women and children who desperately need a place to live in peace and gain all that is needed to live lives that are free from abuse.  

What we have not shared is how growth in the homes has impacted the space we use for daily business. 

Since August our business offices have occupied two bedrooms in the house being renovated. We have known that office space was taking up space where women and children could be living. For several months we considered different options for office space away from the homes. We prayed, watched and waited.

Well, our God goes before us in surprising ways! Late in December He led us to the perfect place to relocate our business offices. In addition, it provides better space to train, equip, and engage volunteers. It also allows for a place for people to drop off donations of tangible items without compromising the location confidentiality of our homes. 

We are thrilled!  

God is growing The Dwelling Place ministry to fulfill its mission in beautiful ways and we praise Him for His loving care and goodness!

I trust you will also see God's wonderful surprises as He lovingly produces growth in your life!

Linda Wiza
Executive Director

Faith, Hope and Love: Reflections on 2017 from our Executive Director, Linda Wiza

This is a time of extreme thankfulness as we look back on 2017.

I am thankful for each of our supporters and partners, our dedicated staff and board, and each woman and child we come to know, love, and serve.

house helpers2.jpg

To each one I sincerely echo the words from Paul to the Thessalonian church: “We remember before our God and Father
• your work prompted by faith,
• your labor prompted by love, and
• your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” - 1 Thessalonians 1:3

First of all, we remember and are thankful before our God and Father, the Provider of all abundance and mercy, for His hand on this ministry. Through Him, we see the fruits of faith, love, and hope.

By faith we stepped out to purchase another duplex and the Lord provided not only the funding, but is now providing much of the labor and materials through so many partners and volunteers. It’s amazing to see His body at work (your labor prompted by love) to bring forth safe homes for 14 new women and children who will soon be under our roof and in our care.

By faith we stepped out to create a unique program for women during their first 30 days with us. This program provides a better onboarding experience and allows us to share the knowledge and hope of the gospel and the dynamics of domestic abuse in a more focused manner.

Your labor prompted by love is evident is so many ways! Individuals along with church, business, and civic groups are providing basic needs for shared use in our homes. Volunteers are helping with a variety of needs: from childcare and tutoring for children and life skills classes for women, to lawn care, snow removal, and maintenance for our homes.

The women and children who have endured such trauma and hardship are now finding another type of life with endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. They are able to heal through His strength and power and to dream again about a future free from abuse. We saw many families move on to homes of their own and a new path for their lives in 2017, and believe this is God’s intent for more families in 2018.

We now pray that as you share this work with us your faith will continue to grow!

We pray you know how the love you have shown to others is producing fruit.

We pray your enduring kindness to this ministry now, and into the future, will inspire hope in our Lord Jesus Christ and the full life He has for all!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him!

Linda Wiza
Executive Director

North Presbyterian Church Blesses Us Richly

North Presbyterian Church

We are so grateful for this wonderful team from North Presbyterian Church in North St. Paul, who worked at our new house! 

What an amazing transformation they made through significant yard work, cleaning walls and carpets, and installing shelves. 

The wonderful spirit of their team was a rich blessing and it was great to meet each person and learn more about North Church and the ways they share Christ's love in the community! We know that service given through Christ's love is a sweet gift -- and they gave it so well. 

Undoubtedly, the hot and humid weather factor was a challenge -- but it did not deter this group from tackling big projects!

We are so honored for the partnership with North Church and look forward to joining together in the future!