The Dwelling Place graduate

The Gift of a Home and an Opportunity to Give


Every woman and family who comes to live in our homes longs for that day when she is ready and able to move to a home where she (and her children) will begin their new life, free of abuse.  We see the process of preparation each woman goes through to ready herself (and her children) to move into their own home when the time is right.

Two families, each with small children, successfully moved to safe homes in November. They were ready to make this transition and we are so very happy for them! 

We pray for our families and thank God for the transformation that comes through Christ's love and caring provision and preparation over the course of time. We praise God for His faithful and steadfast love for these families as they will experience Christmas with peace and love in their new homes. 

Thank you for being an important part of these stories of successful transition because God used your prayers and care in beautiful ways!  

What a lovely gift to receive: A safe and peaceful home!

Year-End Giving, Will You Help?

In November we shared that we needed $200,000 to finish the year well.

Thanks to many of you, our need is now $133, 000.

We completely trust God to provide the remaining funds enabling us to move into 2019 ready to serve a growing number of families.

We appreciate your prayerful consideration of giving to help us reach this goal.

Give Here

Thank you!

Praising God for Another Graduate!


Please join us in congratulating one of our residents and her family for completing our program and securing safe housing.

Soon they'll be moving out and beginning their new journey as a family living on their own!

Please join us in praising God for the faith and strength He has given to this woman: for His faithfulness in providing all that she needs to get on her feet, for the grateful and humble heart He has given her and for the smiles and joy we now see radiating from her.

Thanks for being with her and supporting her, friends. God has used you beautifully! 

God is so good!

A Graduate is Blessed with a Car


We could not be more grateful to Victory Auto Service & Glass for donating a car for a past resident of ours! 

The vehicle is a Toyota Corolla and is in great shape. The family who gave it to Victory is a family that Victory donated a vehicle to years ago. This family wanted to return the favor and bless someone with a car. Talk about a circle of blessing! 

Having a car will help this family get to work, school, the store, church, etc., so much easier. Our graduated resident was so excited about the car and couldn't stop smiling.

We are continually blessed by our partnership with Victory Auto and are so honored that they have a heart to come along side our women and our ministry.

Graduates Make Room for New Residents

door handle.jpg

Recently, many women have graduated from our program and have moved into new homes with their children. We rejoice at God's healing in their life, and their amazing progress!

Please pray for their continued healing and growth.

On October 2nd, five new women and their families desperate for help, moved into our homes.

Please be praying for our staff and new residents. 

We are SO excited to get to know these wonderful families and to see how much Jesus is going to work in their lives during the time they spend with us.

They are an answer to prayer, and we believe God has sent them to us for His own very special reasons!

We pray that each one may know the peace and grace of God and His very personal love for each and every one of them!

News of Triumph and Transition

We are happy to announce that one of our women just graduated from an intense Information Technology (IT) training program with York Solutions!

Not only did her team win first place in a project and task, she did an awesome job presenting the project to the CEO-Founder of York Solutions!!

We applaud York, who sponsored the afternoon and helped her celebrate her success. Thank you York.

Our resident is now transferring into a new job, and is doing so with great excitement and anticipation of a wonderful future!


More exciting news!

We praise God for His blessings for one of our recent graduates and her family, who are moving into their new HOME!!

Thanks to our donors and volunteers she received furnishings and supplies needed to establish her family in their new home.

Please join us as we pray for them and encourage them as they begin a new season in their family life. May God bless them and keep them in His care. 

A Graduate: In Her Own Words

“I was angry and bitter when I first came [to The Dwelling Place], I kept my things packed for a long time. I struggled getting close to people, so I stayed closed off from the staff. But staff continued to encourage me and push me forward.

After a few months, God showed me that I needed to let go of the hurt, bitterness and anger I was holding inside. I realized Jesus died for me and when I trust and believe in Him, He gives me a new life and I don’t have to carry all the anger and bitterness.

I cried out to God and he answered me and brought me hope. My life started changing, I experienced joy and purpose. My kids changed so much too, and I know it was through the love and support at TDP.

I am so grateful for TDP’s support in our lives and the ways God does not leave us, but
heals and sets us free.”

Tish graduated from our program in February with flying colors and moved to her new place, with her children. Praise God for bringing His healing to this amazing woman and her precious children!

Thank you, friends, for seeing her, showing up, and making a difference. Every act of kindness lifted her and gave her strength to take the next step. Bless you, thank you.