REALTORS Making a Difference for Our Women and Children

Pete and Karen Collins and some of their team, with basic needs donations for our women and children

Pete and Karen Collins and some of their team, with basic needs donations for our women and children


The Dwelling Place thanks Pete and Karen Collins, Realtors at Roseville Keller Williams, for bringing together over 25 volunteers on April 1 to assist with the preparation of children's craft projects for Easter and Mother's Day, and to conduct a Basic Needs Drive.

Their amazing generosity provided for many daily needs in our homes and is a big blessing for the women and children!

Slumberland's Home for the Holidays Event

Executive Director, Linda Wiza, with Lisa Olson of Slumberland, at the Event.

We are proud to partner with Slumberland Furniture, who has supported us greatly with bedding and furniture over the years.

This month, Slumberland will give away over 1500 mattresses and box spring sets to organizations helping children in need of beds.

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Women of Eagan's Peace Reformed Church

Kristen Nelson, Director of Programs and Monica Groves, Mission Advancement Director, were blessed to join these women (representing various ministry circles) at Peace Reformed Church on Sunday, July 31.

Peace recently donated items to help one of our mothers who needed clothing for her growing infant and preschool child. She is so grateful for their kindness to her family!

Fence provides a sense of security

By providing more privacy we gained a greater sense of security. 

With the warmer temperatures of April and May, our program staff saw that our women and children were uncomfortable being outside in the yard because it lacked a sense of security. They suggested that a privacy fence be built to create a boundary between the yard and the sidewalk and street next to them. Such a fence would block the visibility and access to the yard and create peace of mind and sense of security for our women and children.    

The necessary approvals were secured to make this improvement to the property and, with the support of The Dwelling Place board and volunteers, the supplies were purchased, and the fence started going up in July.  

Enjoying the Sandbox!  

We love seeing our children enjoy the yard as they play in their new sandboxes.    

We are glad there are still warm summer days to enjoy because the space makes it easier now to relax and experience the  pleasure of being outside in the yard!      

Wonderful and Talented Volunteers  

Installation of the fence is being done this summer by wonderful volunteers who diligently work – even during days with increased heat and humidity! They are amazing!  

This sandbox was built by Tom Swanner, board member and volunteer for The Dwelling Place. The sand for the sandbox was donated by Roger Ruetten. Tom and Roger, along with Jeff Wedan and Steve Chell are putting up the fence for us by donating their time and talents to create an improved living area for our women and children.  

When we see how God provided to both identify and address this need, we are grateful. We know that everything matters to Him and we see how He has provided a more peaceful dwelling and undisturbed place of rest in this way.    

Medtronic, Pepsico, and a New Mower

Our supporters make all the difference for our women and children. 

Thanks to one of our friends who recently donated a brand new mower! Because of you, our yards are finding lots of little feet running through them.

Thank you also to our friends at Medtronic and PepsiCo. for blessing our women and children with recent "basic needs drive" donations!

What's a basic needs drive, and what are the needs? Current Basic Needs List

Always needed at The Dwelling Place:
13 gallon trash bags
Paper towels
Diapers: Size 5, 6 or XL. Size 6 overnight Pull Ups (no size 3 and under, please)
Liquid hand soap
Laundry soap (fragrance-free, if possible)

To help provide the basics, so dollars and time can be spent bringing healing, contact Thank you!