Our Program

Many residents come to us after a brief stay in a crisis shelter (only 30-45 days). This short time is rarely sufficient to find housing, employment, and other supports necessary for living empowered, successful lives, free from abuse. The transitional housing program at The Dwelling Place fulfills the need for more healing time and personal development. Without this, many victims return to their abusers or move between crisis and homeless shelters. Residents may stay for 12 months. Unlike traditional shelters, we differentiate our services by providing comprehensive programming for 12 months (longer if needed), allowing women and children the precious gift of time. Our unique approach helps women and their children begin to heal through a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide housing, safety, and basic needs so women can focus on their children and their personal and professional development which is needed for healthy sustainable living. 

Our goals include:

  • To provide intensive case management and transitional housing to women and their children who are suffering from all forms of abuse who desire a safe place to reside while they make decisions about their future.
  • To provide women the opportunity to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to use their gifts and talents to financially support themselves and their children and live free from abuse.
  • To provide opportunities and tools for spiritual discipleship and emotional growth that will lead women to make healthy choices for themselves and their children.
  • To provide age appropriate programming for the children residing in our homes. 

Program Components

Upon admission to the program, new residents meet with staff to create an individualized goal plan, which includes identifying strengths and opportunities for growth in personal, professional, and spiritual development, and parenting skills. Progress toward these goals is monitored, documented and celebrated.

The structure of the program has two main components. Each week, residents are required to participate in programming and community involvement. The weekly programming consists of:

  1. Case Management to determine strengths, needs, and necessary services for success.
  2. House Meetings to practice communication skills, problem solving and peaceful living.
  3. Domestic Violence Support and Education Group to receive support and learn about the dynamics of abuse.
  4. Bible Study and prayer times to grow spiritually.
  5. Classes on various topics: budgeting and managing finances, self-esteem, communication skills, cooking, etc.

The community involvement can include any combination of:

  • Work
  • Education
  • Volunteering

Photos of our safe homes: 

Support Group

Groups are held weekly incorporating Biblical principles and teaching with therapy. Women discover in group therapy how mutual encouragement, negotiation, and supportive relationships allow them reflective opportunities to encounter their own story and how God sees them. This group process allows residents to grow together as they learn to understand their emotions and behavior patterns and develop new ways to working through their trauma to healing through Christ’s love.

Individual and Family Therapy

The Dwelling Place has a relationship with Biblical counselors and local mental health organizations. Through these partnerships women and children are provided with assessments and receive counseling or therapy for PTSD, depression and anxiety, and other mental health affects of exposure to abuse. 

Life Skills Education

Many women at The Dwelling Place have lived within the abuse cycle most of their lives. They may have never learned important skills for independent living. We teach life skills to help the women with practical needs: acquiring healthy and affordable groceries, cooking nutritious meals on a limited budget, housekeeping and home maintenance, accessing transportation, vegetable gardening, locating affordable resources for clothing, housing and furnishings, etc. In addition, resources for personal safety, personal care and healthcare are explored, as well as identifying personal gifts and talents. 

Financial Education and Counseling

Classes are offered to educate residents on debt reduction, asset building, budgeting, how to build a good credit score and rent history, consumer protection and financial institutions, acquiring insurance, saving for future needs, etc. We use the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University curriculum. Our Gift of the Month program, and Savings Incentive program help women set aside money with matching funds to apply to their eventual move to independence.

Employment Counseling and Training

Finding a job with a livable wage is vital to breaking the cycle of abuse for many women, yet this is not an easy thing to do. The Dwelling Place has local collaborative partners that provide our residents with individual assessments, consultations with employment specialists, math tutoring, coaching, job readiness training, resume services, and mock interviews. Our Education Fund provides scholarships for women seeking advanced degrees, professional licenses, or skills training not covered by educational institutions or jobs training programs.

Children's Program

Through our Children’s Program, we envision eliminating the generational cycle of abuse through education and by showing children they are loved and have value. The goal is to promote healing from trauma and opportunities for growth in social, emotional, and cognitive skills.
Children’s programming includes:

  • Children’s support groups for emotional healing
  • After school tutoring
  • Bible studies
  • Age appropriate activities for toddlers through teens 
  • Assisting mothers to promote and model healthy relationships and improve parenting skills with their children

Children in our program experience:

  • Safety and freedom from fear
  • Strengthen their relationship with their mom • Express and identify emotions in healthy ways

Learn dynamics of healthy relationships: 

  • Listening
  • Caring behaviors
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing personal power

Bible Studies and Prayer Ministry

At the heart of The Dwelling Place is our commitment to nurture the wounded spirits of the women and children we serve. Case managers provide empowering studies of Scripture that help our residents come to know a God who loves them. The studies help our residents find healing, hope and freedom through God’s Word and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.