As of April 2019, The Dwelling Place has grown to include four homes (Sandy’s Place, Ruth’s Place, Esther’s Place, and Lydia’s Place) with a capacity to house 57 women and children at one time. We are blessed and grateful to provide a safe place to call home and well-defined support services for women and children who are homeless and traumatized because of domestic abuse.

In 2018, we served 20 women (16 of the women were mothers) and 25 children. The average length of stay for a woman at The Dwelling Place is 8 months. Time is a gift that is essential for a woman to heal, make plans, and become equipped for a future free of abuse. Thank you for providing a safe place to call home and the support each woman and child needs in this critical season of their life.

Our graduates step into a future financially independent, abuse-free living, dependent on Jesus Christ and surrounded by God's people. Lives are being transformed by God's grace and the love and labor of His people. Thank you for supporting the women and children we serve!

Case Statement

2019 Case Statement

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